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Ozarks Public Television (OPT) Vehicle Donation Program

Give a car to Ozarks Public Television and provide the support needed to bring you the programming you love. Vehicle donations make it possible for Ozarks Public Television to continue to present great public local and national programs like Sesame Street, Antiques Roadshow, OzarksWatch Video Magazine, NOVA, Masterpiece Theatre, and more. Vehicle donations are crucial for OPT and your donation makes a big difference!

It's quick and easy to donate a vehicle! Just a quick call or an easy online form and your vehicle will be picked for free, and if you itemize you can claim a nice tax deduction. Call 855-678-2271 today to donate!

Get the great feeling of helping when you donate a car to OPT. We appreciate your interest in donating a car. Skip the hassles of selling and call now.

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